What Others Are Saying

“I had the chance to work with Amy Pearl on several occasions. It’s amazing how impactful she can be by keeping things simple. She makes it easy for people to understand how to be effective with each other and to personally influence organizational effectiveness.”

Eugenio Perrier
Chief Marketing Officer
Sabra Dipping Co.

“I have worked with Amy and her team for several years. I am always impressed with the latest tools and techniques they provide in their collaborative workshops. Working with them is not only educational, it is also insightful as they seem to always discuss topics which are trending! They are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and always able to provide me either a solution or a recommendation in the Organizational Development and Human Resources arena. They are a great resource to have in your personal and professional network.”

Felicia J. Jones
Organizational Development Manager
Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc.

“This program has challenged me as an employee and as a person, and I am a better leader because of it. It has been one of the most defining points in my career. Thank you, I learned so much!”

Mary Swygert
Director of Strategy & Metrics
Baker Victory Services

“I find Amy’s workshops to be helpful, informative, actionable and fun. She has a knack for getting to the heart of a situation and offering solutions with grace and a sense of humor.”

Patrice Hannotte
Senior Learning & Development Professional
AAA of Western and Central New York

“The Collaboration Breakthrough session is a wonderful tool. Not only did we identify common workplace problems/concerns, we identified solutions and methods to tackle them. This session was interactive and provided useful techniques to take right back to my office!”

Jennifer Hasse
Director of Human Resources

“Work Ignited has innovative ideas, concepts and tools to help any workplace to reach their goals. I would highly recommend them to any organization.”

Denise Schillaci
Safety Administrator
Old Castle

“Work Ignited is a true partner for organizational development professionals for sharing simple solutions and processes to address complex challenges.”

Jonathan Hulbert
Director, Learning & Organizational Development
Buffalo State

“Work Ignited provides the skill and training all managers need to build successful organizations.”

Jennifer Costanzo
Risk Manager