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Do you love your job?

It surprises me how often the answer to that question is, “Hell No!”

Every day I talk to people who are unmotivated, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. We get it…you’re tired. Trying to keep all those balls in the air is simply exhausting. Getting products to market is complicated by challenges with few single causes or simple solutions. A steady stream of new technologies creates big changes every day. You work across unfamiliar cultures and inconvenient time zones. And, if that weren’t enough, volatile economic conditions have made predicting the future nearly impossible.

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Dreams Become Reality at Advantage Media / Forbes Books

Creating an amazing employee experience begins with understanding that fundamentally, each team member has dreams and goals. These dreams and goals drive why people go to work every day. I know we like to humor ourselves by believing team members want to work for OUR goals. In reality, people work to learn, achieve new things, and yes, to make money to fund THEIR goals. Advantage Media/Forbes Books has embraced their team members’ dreams in a visual and actionable way.

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Collaboration Breakthrough

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